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Why Men Leave is tirelessly focused on helping women revolutionize their relationships with men.

The creator, Elizabeth Stone, is an Amazon bestselling author of four books on love.

We are always looking for new voices to help build our community. To do that, we would love to hear from expert contributors like you. Please write a 700+ word piece aimed at women’s relationship issues. The articles that do best on Why Men Leave are authentic takes on your own relationship experiences along with helpful advice for our readers. The tone is authentic, warm, helpful and genuine.

Your work will receive wide-reaching exposure on our social media platforms as well as possible inclusion in our email marketing campaigns.

Our ideal contributing authors are tirelessly active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and willing to promote their work at Why Men Leave through these mediums. We are searching for personalities who are willing to build on our platform to connect with and grow their audience as they develop their own personal and professional brand. Most importantly, you should be as interested in helping women improve their relationships as we are and continuing the conversation with them about their love lives.

Here are some examples of recent guest posts:

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5 Secrets to a Joyful and Long-Lasting Relationship

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Post Guidelines

1. Please select an interesting title for your work.

2. Please include your own personal experiences into your work. We aim to showcase honesty, growth and authors who genuinely want to help the audience.

3. Keep it real and original. We only publish original content that has never been posted before. Every single article is checked for this, and articles that aren’t original will be discarded without further notice.

4. Please try to differentiate your work from that already found on the site. Lots of topics in love and relationships clearly overlap and this is great. Just try and make sure that your piece isn’t like the ones already found on the site by using the search bar with keywords that correspond to your article.

5. Please keep your word count above 700. Longer and in-depth articles do better, although including a ton of fluff doesn’t really cut it.

6. Links to your work are allowed in your author bio only. Links placed in text will be evaluated for their usefulness to the reader and removed without prior notice if deemed self-promotional.

7. When your guest post goes live, please share it on social media, i.e. Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.

8. When your guest post goes live, please respond to people’s comments about your work. This is much appreciated and increases the chances that we will accept more of your writing in the future.

To begin, please email the contact form below and include your first and last name, email address, website, twitter, facebook and Google + account URLS, a 1-2 sentence pitch and a quick bio.