How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex in 9 Simple Steps

I’ll admit to getting stuck in a negative feedback loop where I had lots of trouble with shutting down my thoughts about an ex in the past. Maybe you can relate. Wouldn’t you want to know how to stop thinking about your ex? I sure did. I wished that my thoughts of him would just […]

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Love Tips From Sex Workers, How to Break Free From Criticism

Hi Gorgeous! This week, we have some amazing tips for breaking free from criticism, some interesting ideas about relationships from both male and female sex workers, and the most common breakup mistakes that women make which make it SO hard to get back together with their exes (should they actually want to). Break Free From […]

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5 Secrets to a Joyful and Long-Lasting Relationship

I married my now ex-husband when my experience with long-term relationships was…zero. My young and inexperienced self thought that once he and I said our vows, we were automatically guaranteed to stay together till the end of our lives. Divorce? Never crossed my mind. Divorce happened to “other people.” At the time, I didn’t know […]

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Cloris Kylie

Review of Magnificent… Married or Not by Cloris Kylie

When he called, hope would return. When he didn’t call, hopelessness would take over. As an outsider, you may see how my emotional state depended on my husband’s behavior. I was a prisoner of my own attachment. –Cloris Kylie This quote explains very well the emotional roller coaster that so many of us go through […]

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Quit Bragging About Your Husband On Facebook, Should You Trash Your Exe’s Shirts?

Happy 4th of July! It’s been such a whirlwind week. The pieces that caught my eye this week were pretty heavy, but totally worth it.  Here we go: I’m interested that this author got some heat from writing this next piece. I have long felt that it was cool to be like “my hubby Bob […]

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Too Controlling

From Boss To Bossy: 9 Ways To Tell If You’re Too Controlling

It took me a long time to realize that when I came home from work, I need to soften up and eschew the mask that works so well in the work place. I struggle with this all the time and try to smooth out the type A, go-getter side of my personality before I come […]

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Q&A Ask Elizabeth: Should I Have Had “The Talk” Before My Ex Pulled a Houdini?

Today we have a reader whose ex pulled a Houdini after she planned on a shared future with him. Question: Dear Elizabeth, I have a situation that I want to say thank you very much for your advice in “the Talk”, I wish I had read it earlier. I dated a man and had relationship with him […]

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6 Ways to Survive a Bad Date

So you met someone who seemed nice so you got dressed up and went on a date with them. Once you got there, you realized it wasn’t all that you thought it would be. Maybe they are rude, crass or totally incompatible. Maybe you just can’t get a conversation going. For whatever reason, this date […]

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Warning Sign

9 Warning Signs That A Breakup Is Coming

Ever had that uneasy sick feeling in your gut, wondering if your partner is about to break up with you? I know I have, during one ill-fated relationship, I told my best friend that if I had known I was boarding the Titanic when the relationship began, I wouldn’t have agreed to it in the […]

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Jenn Clark

Interview: Jenn Clark, Author of “How to Be a Goddess”

If you settle, you’ll never have a fully satisfying relationship. It’s much better to be patient and hold out for something amazing. Believing we are deserving of an incredible relationship – and keeping the path clear for it – is the first step in finding one. –Jenn Clark Today I had the pleasure of interviewing […]

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Ruin Your Relationship

6 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship

Here are six ways, supported by the research of Dr. John Gottman, to ruin your relationship. Once couples start doing these things, their relationships are at risk of breaking up as well as being completely awful in the meantime. If you’re interested in getting rid of someone in short order and long term, combine all of […]

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